Baby Fougeray: Parvin State Park, NJ

Dan and Kimmy are expecting their first baby, A BOY! It’s getting down the wire now too! She is expecting new baby Clayton’s arrival to be January of 2019! There is so much to think about, consider, and prepare for when you are expecting a new baby, on top of it being your first child and not knowing what to expect! But what I can tell you is Kimmy and Dan are going to be awesome parents!

Now, Kimmy is my cousin, so I may be a wee bit biased, but everyone that knows these two, knows they are ADORABLE!!! They are really perfect together! They are one of those couples everyone just loves being around because you know you are going to leave with your stomach hurting from laughing so much! I know because that’s how our shoot went! They are such a sweet couple, I know they are going to put all the love they could into raising this new little man! Also, spoiler alert, this baby WILL be involved in football to some degree or level! Sometimes a dad just knows!

But in all honesty, I know everyone says this, but Kim is GLOWING! and that gorgeous sunset was just a natural accent to her radiant smile! I love pregnant mommies, there are just filled with so much love and joy! Now when baby comes, it will be tiring, draining, and probably overwhelming for about 1-2 months!!! But I promise all new parents, ESPECIALLY Kim and Dan, it will be worth every tiring MOMENT! Those moments of laughter and pride will fade those long, tiring nights away!

Erik Anthony: Red Bank Battlefield

So, we finished up our Fall Mini Sessions, and I HAD to share this! Little handsome stud, Erik, was the last one we shot, but man did he make my heart explode! I know he isn’t my child, but LIKE SERIOUSLY!!! Who could not just burst with happiness and laughter after seeing this little man’s smile!!! It lights up the world! He was so happy during the whole shoot, AND he is only 7 months old!

I love spending time and photographing children for this exact reason! Their faces make me so happy when they smile, they are so sweet and loving! I’m sure everyone at this point knows children have a special place in my heart anyway, but Erik really did make my day! Also, can we just adore the outfit his mom picked out!?! So handsome!!!

OH, THERE’S MORE!!! For your daily dose of ADORABLENESS…the last two are to DIE for!!! So I had suggested to his mom to bring his Halloween costume, since it is his first Halloween and all. I know I took a ton of pictures of all of my son’s “firsts”! AND THEY HAD A LOBSTER COSTUME!!! AND BROUGHT A POT!!! Stop it, I can’t take the cuteness! I just love it!!!

I am so ready for Erik to get in front of my camera again!!!

Taylor Family: Red Bank Battlefield

This sweet family, I could photograph them ALL DAY! But isn’t their little man ADORABLE!!! Like his little outfit!!! He is such a calm, relaxed little guy too! I’m sure when he’s hungry he probably gets a little vocal, but for the most part he was just relaxing during the shoot!

I’ve had the pleasure of being able to photograph the Taylor Family a few times now, and I look forward to it EVERY TIME! I know it is going to be a great day when Kristen texts me! Yes yes yes! We may just need to come up with some new ways to get Landon to smile, he likes silly noises!!! He loved the last few shots, I could tell His Mommy and Daddy were throwing him in the air and he was giggling and laughing the whole time! But honestly, what baby doesn’t love when they get thrown in the air!?! My other favorite is the one with all the fall foliage (third one in)!!! Everyone probably says this all the time but FALL really is the BEST time for family photos, or ANY photos for that matter! And really, they are all my favorite, there are too many to pick just one favorite!

I hope I get to get this little man in front of camera again soon!!! Thank you again Kristen and Dan for always letting me have a blast with you guys!

Piper: 6 Month Old Beauty!

Little Miss Piper has just passed her 6th month of new beginnings! If her sweet little face doesn’t prove it enough, let me tell you how much she is loving life! She was so happy and full of wonder! You can just tell, the second she sees her Mommy and Daddy, she lights up the world! She also is a BIG fan of the Baby Shark song, I know you all know it! I know every kid under the age 4 knows this song from watching it at some point! Cracks me up!

When Jamie originally asked about doing a portrait session for Piper, we started with a blank slate. But anyone who knows me, should know flowers were the first thought. Sunflowers are all over this season and I knew they would compliment perfectly with Fall! I am so glad Jamie trusted me with such a simple set up because sometimes less really is more! It’s the perfect amount of cutie and gorgeous! That smile made my day! Thank you Jamie and Les for allowing me to freeze this AMAZING time of Piper’s life, I hope you treasure these family moments for a lifetime!

Tommy James: Fall 2018

My other favorite little man!!! I was so excited when my biff said I could borrow her little man! He is such a doll!!! It’s so funny, watching him grow, going through all the stages again! He was all over the place during this shoot, which is fine! I’ve gotten so used to it between Zack, and a lot of the other kids I’ve photographed! It can actually be kind of stressful, because you want your kid to behave and sit nice, but sometimes at that age they can’t! It’s like in their DNA! “Can’t sit for more than 30 seconds…must move feet…NOW!!!”

Even though he was all over, He was still a little HAM in front of the camera. He was just testing me, seeing if I was committed! Not going to go out without a fight! Here are some ADORABLE pictures for you all to scroll through!!! ENJOY!

Zachary Andrew: 1st Day of School (Pre-K 4)

Well ladies and gentlemen, the day has come! Zack has officially started school, for the next 13 years! Can we just say, he is a STUD MUFFIN! Now being a tog, I bribe him…A LOT! Which is why I am able to get some decent photos of him ever, but he still let’s me have fun with his pictures! Every now and then, as long as I let him do a silly pose, he usually plays along with me!

But no mater what, this was one of those moments where it didn’t matter what I could get, we were taking pictures! Whether he was mad, or silly and laughing, we were making it happen!

I can’t believe my baby is moving on to being a KID! I made a little post after we dropped him off! I kept it together for the majority of the day, no water works, until I made that post on Facebook! Whenever I write about him, it comes from the deep, where all the feels live! One day, I know it will probably be the most embarrassing thing he reads, but I don’t care! I have that right as a Mommy to scream how much I love him from the rooftops! He will get over it! I’ll paste what I had in my post for all of you to see, but once I typed it, the flood gates opened!

I hope all the kiddies are having a great school year, Zack sure is! You guys know I am going to be that Mommy that saves EVERYTHING!!! So all his “Good Notes” and crafts that he has made, already put away!

FACEBOOK POST :Zack's FIRST DAY OF PRE-K!!! Today I join the mom group of posting "first day of school pics" and let me tell you, Zack nailed it! 🤣LOL I'll just be over here, bawling my eyes out!

Zack, we hope for nothing but belly aches from laughing all day, paint all over your shirt from your creativity blooming, and dirty shoes from playing with your new friends!

Andy Jr: 1st Birthday

Little handsome Andy Jr., just turned 1 in August! He has to be the quietest in the house, he didn’t make a peep the whole time! Except for when we had to change him into his dress outfit, which is completely understandable! Being the youngest child can be tough, but Manny is just loving life right now, I can tell! He lets big sister Violet do all the heavy work, and I can also tell she is LOVING being a big sister! “Here you go, Baby Brother!”

He had an awesome birthday party with all his family hanging out, and I believe swimming was involved, especially with the heat we have been having lately!

My favorite part of first birthday shoots (well let’s be honest, I love it all) is also making sure to get some of the silly, or even more serious shots! It’s all fine to make sure you get a great smile here and there, but it’s also so important to get those non-smiling shots too! When I look at them, most people will say, “Aww, they aren’t smiling, that’s not a good picture!” When I look at them, I not only see the innocence of that little munchkin, but I start to see their true personality! Zack has always been a silly person, so those are moments I want to remember ad reflect on! So if your kid makes some mischievous look, I want to give you that! If you look at it in 10 years from now, you can say “yeah, there’s that face, you were always getting in to trouble!” Also, it’s so fun to edit and share!

Ashley & Dave Married: Massos Grand Wooded Falls

We are going to start this magical day off at the start of the day. I knew Ashley planned most of the wedding along with her gorgeous maids of honor and bridesmaid. I also know she was going with a fairy-tale theme, which she nailed by the way! 

Ashley met Dave while she was working at Staples, he was a UPS driver and came in to drop a package off. I worked with Ashley for a brief time at that Staples, and then I got to work with her again at another location! Her and Dave have been together for what seems like forever! They had bought their home together, got a beautiful and very energetic puppy who is rather large now! I knew for a fact that Dave was going to ask her to marry him, it was just a matter of time! We used to talk about it all the time at work! I remember getting that text message with that ring on her finger thinking she must be on cloud nine right now! They deserved nothing but the best and they most definitely deserve their happily ever after!

So fast forward to June 1st, 2018! I couldn't wait to see all the details Ashley had prepared for her wedding and seeing her smile brighten every room she walked into! I think I speak for her well when I say she has been waiting for this day ever since her and Dave starting dating! Literally everything from her dress to her shoes screamed Cinderella! Her hair and makeup was PERFECT! Don't get me started on the shirts the girls wore or their dresses! Everything really was a dream come true!

And then I got to meet up with the guys! The guys are always so much fun but there is something about a bunch of handsome men dressed so dapper and formal! A nice suit and boutonniere can go a long way with that pop of color! The men you choose to stand by you on your wedding day is a very big deal, and I could totally tell that Dave had his best men by his side! He would just say "my guys" the whole night! And they really did look SHARP!  

Next was honestly my favorite part of their whole day, well everything was my favorite but don't mind me over here! FIRST LOOK!!! First looks are such a fast growing trend these days for weddings, and you can really customize it however you want! I've seen it where the reveal is the bride with her father or more the bride with her groom! It is such a sweet and special moment for brides and their grooms where it's quiet and real! No interfering with guest or family, JUST the bride and groom soaking up the most important day of their life! 

AND can we just point out the reaction Dave had! So genuine, loving and REAL! You never know who you are going to react on your wedding day until the moment comes! That rush of emotions floods your soul as you look at your bride for the first time! LOVED THIS!!!

Every part of this day was perfect, from this first to look, to the final shot on the last song played! (SHOUT OUT TO THE DJ!!!! TOTALLY MADE THE RECEPTION A BLAST!!!) A day full of memories that I hope Ashley and Dave will remember until they are old and yelling at each other! Thank you for the honor of being a small part in your beautiful and magical fairy-tale come true!

Lemonade Stand Mini: Connor!

So we finally planned our Lemonade Stand Mini sessions for last weekend, June 30th and July 1st! We had been planning this for a few weeks now and every day it got closer, the more excited I got! I love spending my time behind the camera capturing kids! Not only do they have the sweetest most innocent faces, but they are also so full of wonder and surprise! I was tossed between doing a lemonade stand or a watermelon stand, both equally scream "Summertime" to me! Lemonade of course won (anyone who knows me knows lemon will always win)! 

So Katelynn and Bill scheduled their shoot for Sunday evening around sunset which was the perfect time, even though with the humidity it felt like 105 degrees outside! Connor hopped out of the car and I immediately fell in love with his sweet face! He was dressed so dapper, I knew this shoot was going to be perfect! The portraits we finished with say it all! That smile melted my heart, and Connor was such a trooper about the heat! Thank you Katelynn and Bill again for allowing me to capture your sweet little boy! 

Leana & Isaiah: Baby Shower

Leana, Isaiah and sweet baby Naomi were showered with all the love their family and friends could give! Yes, that's right! Baby Naomi got to make her debut appearance at Leana's shower! And I have to say, I do not think I heard her voice at all the whole time (except when she needed to be changed), but that is to be expected from a newborn baby! 

Naomi was born a few weeks earlier than expected but welcomed with more love than I think she could ever have dreamed of. Born Friday, April 13th at 10:52am, she weighed in at a tiny 4 lbs 15 oz! Great things come in small packages and I know this sweet baby girl lights up every room! You can also see the overwhelming amount of love in her family's eyes, I know she is loved dearly! 

Springtime is a time for new beginnings, new life and growth! I know Leana and Isaiah will be soaking up every single minute they can while Naomi is this small! They really do grow up so fast, and Naomi will be babbling and rolling over before they know it! But for now, they get to snuggle up with her as much as they want! I am so glad I was able to document such a joyous and beautiful time in their life! Thank you Leana and your whole family for allowing me the honor to be a part of such a beautiful time in your lives! 

Emily & John Engaged: Croft Farms

Hey everyone! I really don't know where to start with this Engagement session! Every so often to get to work with a couple who is so down to earth, easy going and just fun to be around! Emily was the winner of my giveaway I did around the holidays and they were already engaged, but I knew I couldn't wait to work with them! They wanted to wait until the weather broke away from the crazy cold...and then warm...and then cold...and then rain! I know you guys know what I'm talking about! I am so glad the weather decided to work for us, even though it did spritz here and there, but the sun was shining and so was their love!

I was asking them how long it has been that they've been together, EIGHT YEARS! I am best friends with Emily's sister, so I see them all the time when I'm hanging with her, but John has been apart of Emily's life for what feels like forever! They were friends through out middle and high school and started dating soon after! ALSO, can we just stop here and talk about the GORGEOUS ring John picked out for her!!!! So I am a purple girl, so is Emily, but I always gonna side with purple, ALWAYS! But GOODNESS that ring is everything!!! If the whole trend with different gemstones and colored engagement rings was around when I was dating Chris, you better believe my ring would have been purple!!! I love everything about that beautiful piece of loveliness! Ok, ok, back to Emily and John.... 

Their wedding is sneaking up so closely, August of 2019! They are to be married at a beautiful venue along a lakeside in Deptford, and it is going to be perfect! I wish you both nothing but happiness, excitement, butterflies in your stomachs, can't catch your breath kinda love! You are both perfect for each other, you can just see it in your eyes when you both smile at each other! 

Baby Bentley: Newborn

Ah baby Bentley! (I love his name btw!) Now Bentley was a born March 20th, 2018 at 11:20 in the morning. He was a little bigger than I'm used to for shooting newborns, and he gave me a run for my money! He was born 8 lbs 20 ounces and stretched at 20 inches long! So since he was close to being almost 2 months old, he was a little more used to being out of mommy's belly than what a 1-2 week old baby would be. That just means they tend not to curl up and swaddle as easily, because there are in the transition of being in a crib or bassinet! But even with him wiggling around, he was still such a sweet baby! Also, can we just stop and talk about his hair for a moment! This little man was born with a FULL head of beautiful brown hair, to match those big brown eyes! He is surrounded by the most loving and happy family, I know from when I see him smile! He has the BIGGEST smiles for such a little baby! Congratulations Alyssa and Sabby, I wish you all the joy and love this little man is going to bring you!

Naomi Nichole Jordan: Newborn

Welcome to the world sweet baby girl Naomi Nichole Jordan! This little sweetheart surprised her family and showed up a few weeks early. Born on Friday, April 13th at 10:52 am, all 4 lbs 15 oz of her was gorgeous! Our original plan was to get maternity portraits of her beautiful mommy, Leana, but I am so glad we were able to get these gorgeous portraits of Naomi! Birth, especially for a first time mommy, can be exhausting, draining and very emotional! Your heart bursts with more love than you could ever think possible for this new life that you have been carrying for months, and then all of a sudden, they arrive!!! I know the little girl will be loved by all her family, I could see it in their eyes! Happy Birthday Naomi (a few  days late)! Thank you again to the new parents Leana and Isaiah (and the family) for allowing me to capture your gorgeous baby girl's first days in the world! I know these images will be treasured forever!!!

Thomas James- 1st Birthday

Tommy is turning 1!!! It has been such a wonderful journey this past year seeing Tommy grow into the beautiful boy he is becoming! He has an infectious smile that no one can deny and he is such a snuggle bug! I know that for a fact with all the snuggle pics his mommy, Ashley, posts for us all to share! 

Tommy has made to his first birthday and I cannot wait to see him smash into his first birthday cake! I think he is really going to have a ball with it. He is at that discovery stage where everything new he encounters, he studies like a hawk. While I was shooting his pictures the other day, he was so serious in some of the pictures you will see. I brought some of my son's toy trains, a hat, and some other props. He is discovering the power of sound, like "how hard can I hit this crate"!  And then the fun came! We put him in a bucket and blew some bubbles around him! Boy was that the ticket! He was loving every part of it, but to be honest, what child doesn't LOVE bath time and bubbles!?! I mean my son would do it all day if you let him!! Summertime is coming and I'm sure he is really going to LOVE being in the water this year!

Tommy, I can't wait to see you continue to grow and play! This next year is going to be such an adventure for you with learning to walk! Your parents will be chasing you down, that's for sure! I hope you have a great birthday party, see you then little buddy! 

Zachary Andrew: 4 Years Old!!!

I can't believe Zack is going to be 4 in the next week! I am always one to go back and reminisce through old pictures from when he was younger. We always get so caught up in the next stage, and then the next stage, and then the next. I always remember saying, "I can't wait until he can sit up on his own", and then "I can't wait until he is walking on his own". Well now he is Mr. Independent and I'm lucky he currently still holds my hand! There are days I wish I could go back if even it were just a day but I am also so proud of the little man he has become. He is not perfect by any means and there are days I'm counting down the hours until he goes to bed. But most days, I think to myself, he is going to really make me proud one day! I love you to the moon and back Zachary! I hope you have a great birhtday party this weekend!

Zachary: Valentine's Day 2018

So, this past week I've been thinking about some updated portraits of my son. Its been a hectic few months with the holidays and family birthdays, I am finally getting some free time. Also because I am a photographer, I love the idea of taking pictures all the time! But my Zack is the sweetest kid ever and I do enjoy when I photograph him. It usually involves some sort of bribery and talk, but he results are always so worth it. I am not going to have all the time in the world when he is at a young age, and that journey to see the baby boy become the man he will be is something I will look back on for years to come! And it will always come in handy for embarrassment! LOL So when I was thinking about taking these portraits, I realized I've never done anything with Valentines Day with him yet! I know its not really a boy/mans holiday (unless your married or dating) but I think its important to teach boys that its IS important to tell the people you love that you love them! So this Valentines Day we got cards to give to all the people he loves, mainly family, even if he is not in school yet! Anyways, I am so happy he was patient with me becasue these images are the best gift he could have ever given me! 

Lucas 1st Birthday: Winter "ONE"derland

This sweet little man just turned 1! First birthdays are always such a big moment! For first time parents, I remember my husband and I saying to each other "we made it through the first year!" Lucas is the second boy for Emilia and Steven, and I'm sure this time around, it's that much more fun! Lucas is such a calm relaxed baby, from day one. Unless its time to eat, Lucas is the one so quiet and hanging out watching all the older kids, his brother Dominic, older cousins! 

When Emilia asked about doing his photo shoot, I was beyond excited! I remember my son at that age, its the perfect age really. They are just started to move, walk, crawl and yet they are still not able to get into EVERYTHING under the roof! They are usually starting their speech and cute words! Lucas has such a large loving family to help him learn and grow and I can't wait to see the little man he becomes! Happy Birthday Lucas!

Heather & Brandi Married: The Little Red Schoolhouse

Heather and Brandi got married on October 14, 2017 at The Little Red Schoolhouse in Mickleton, NJ. 

I had the privilege of meeting Heather at a current part time job when she first told me her and Brandi were engaged. She was just in the beginning of her planning stages and was telling me her ideas and visions she had planned for the day. It is always so refreshing hearing newly engaged women talk about their dream wedding, there is so much happiness in their words. One key item I remember her telling me was the flowers she had decided on and why. Now everyone loves sunflowers and they are a popular fall flower, but when there is an emotional connection with them, it makes them that much more beautiful. Her grandfather has passed away and she had a very strong relationship with him. Sunflowers are a reminder of him and every time she sees them she knows he is with her! I just love it! And whats more, sunflowers are MY moms favorite flower, and they remind me of her! 

Soon after they started to plan, she didn't had a photographer narrowed down officially and I knew I wanted to be a part of such an important day for them! Next thing you know, I was planning their engagement portraits (check out the blog post from June 17th, 2017 to see them)! Every wedding has ups and sometimes, some downs. Nothing ever goes exactly how you planned but it still ends up being the most memorable day of your life! Heather and Brandi's wedding day was perfect. You could see all of the time and effort they put into making this day amazing. From the handmade signs, to the center pieces and sunflower seed favors, everything came together perfectly! This day was about the unity of Heather and Brandi, and that was the most important thing! It didn't matter whether it was going to rain, or if everything was on time! What mattered was that Brandi was standing under the arch waiting for her bride! And it was in those moments that made the day perfect!

Their ceremony was just perfect also, small and intimate, everyone they wanted to witness their day! Even though, the pastor WAS attacked by a wasp....everything was so meaningful, including the vows they wrote for each other. I love to hear that a couple has wrote their own vows to each other! It is such a simple yet meaningful notion! 

Heather and Brandi also had a sand ceremony. It was in the form of a frame with one of their engagement pictures! One of my favorite parts was also THE tree!!! There was a large tree in the back area of The Little Red Schoolhouse where Heather and Brandi strung lights around the trunk. Then the used clothes pins to hang pictures from their journey around also!!! It not only went PERFECT with their rustic theme, but was beautiful and meaningful! I'm also pretty sure I took like 20 pictures of it through out the wedding, you can tell I loved it!!! 

The rest of the day was left for the celebration! Time spent with the most meaningful people, dancing together and laughter! From Brandi and Heather's first dance to the beautiful speeches given by some of the most important people in their lives, it was a beautiful day! I am so honored I was able to be a part Heather and Brandi's wedding day, and I hope nothing but the best for them both. 

Nowak Christmas: Exley's Tree Farm

The Nowak Family was one of the first up for their Christmas family portraits and it was the best start to my holiday season! They are always so easy going and how could resist baby Tommy! He is the most adorable baby ever! It is Tommy's first Christmas as well and I'm sure he made the nice list! He has the biggest smile that will melt away those winter blues any day! I wish them all the joy and happiness this Christmas season and every after! There is nothing like a baby's first Christmas, seeing their eyes light up! Love you guys!

Kristen & Dan Maternity: Longwood Gardens

I don't even know where to start with this beautiful session, but I'm gonna start with Kristen & Dan! They are expecting their first child, a baby boy coming in February 2018! We were a part of their recent gender reveal as well, which had to be such a personal yet unique idea. They had a golf ball filled with colored powder, and they found out the baby is a BOY! (Check out the blog post if you want to see the reveal, it was amazing!) 

So fast forward to this past Saturday, when we met at Longwood Gardens! The day she asked me to shoot this for them was pure excitement! And then when she mentioned going to Longwood Gardens during the fall, I was even more excited! Kristen and Dan have their own photography business and have done amazing work. It is always slightly intimidating photographing another photographer but they made everything smooth like butter. They are the sweetest couple and I could not be more excited for them. Even when Kristen was talking about the baby, having dreams of him here already, you know they are going to be the best parents! There are so many beautiful images that came from this session and I could not imagine taking all the credit for it! They have so much creativity and helped so much along the way! And I have to give Dan credit for that amazing shot in the Gazebo! He had a vision and it was AWESOME! Thank you again Kristen and Dan for allowing me to capture another amazing moment for you both! I hope you love these images as much as I do!